Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I have been up since a little after 5. I had to put rugs down in various places because they were bringing my furniture back from storage.

The movers arrived at the same time as the Home depot truck dropping off the tile they're laying tomorrow. Meanwhile the handyman was here to replace two doors. There's nothing like wandering down the hallway, toward your office, and noticing that there's a gaping hole in your home where once there was a door.

Now, 12 hours later, my house is stuffed with things again, I have two new doors and storm doors installed, the tile has been brought into the house and the only big project I have left for the day is to remove everything from the sunporch for them to do tile tomorrow and figure out how to clean my neighbor's driveway where the forklift left tire marks.

Ah... the joys of home ownership. I do love it. Thank goodness. Because I'm having one of those days like when the computer is trying to self-destruct and I remind myself that it's a good thing I LOVE computers.