Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Girls Want Diamonds... I Want... Juice

Some Girls Want Diamonds... I want... JUICE.

From about October 15 until December 1, I run around my house, Christmas lights in hand, muttering, "Juice, I need juice... more juice... I need more juice..." It reaches a climax when, at some point in the freezing cold, I'm trotting down my icy back steps to go throw the circuit breaker that has overloaded from the Christmas tree lights.

This is Dennis from Zenor Electric. He is one of the keepers of the juice.

I do not understand why I cannot have all the juice I want. It's not like I'm asking people to give it to me. I'm willing to pay for it. I just want lots of it. For years it has been an issue to get enough. I'm hoping this addressed that. I hope, finally, I have all the juice I want to run the tree. I like a tree that sparkles.

Exhibit A - last year's tree

Soon after taking up residence here, I had an electrician over to install an outlet with nothing on the whole circuit except that one outlet to run the tree. Last year, I accessed another outlet in the dining room that was on another circuit, as well as another outlet in the same corner to keep the tree running off three different circuits. I vowed I would address that problem before this holiday season.

So, today Dennis came and installed yet another outlet on its own circuit in this corner. I now have three outlets in a row - no doubt something the next owner will puzzle over why in the world that was done.

I love Dennis. He doesn't question my weirdness. He just accepts it. And then he disappears into the basement and the the back yard and then - voila - I have more juice. It's some sort of alchemy, I tell you.

I realize this may seem ridiculous to you, and I have no defense other than to say it makes me really, really happy and I think we should all get all the happiness we can at any given moment if it's not hurting anyone else. The sparkling tree thrills me and hurts no one. So, there you go. We only get so many Christmases in a lifetime and I want to enjoy each one as fully as possible.
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