Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More art and more conversation

Things are really starting to come into their own in the garden. In the next few days I'll have my first crop of regular sized tomatoes. I've been enjoying watching the cherry ones turning from top to bottom. I've had a couple of handfuls off them, but will start getting lots more shortly.

I had a lovely lunch today with a nice gentleman I've known casually for years. When we were working on things for the garden tour we had a chance to talk just a bit this year and decided we might enjoy getting to know each other. So, we talked about getting together for lunch. A month later, we finally got around to doing that and it was a nice lunch.

We spent most of the lunch talking about quantum physics, which was quite interesting. It's always good to find more of "my kind" in town, and he's definitely one of them.

It at least satisfied my craving for some deep conversation today.

After work I painted for a couple of hours. I'm doing some new journals for the art show I'm doing in September. I have developed a new technique I think I'm going to dub color lava flow. I am strategically placing the paint and moving it over the journal covers without ever using a utensil of any sort. It gives some very interesting effects. And I love the texture. Anyone who has seen my work knows I'm all about the texture.

I'm discovering there are some tricks to it - aren't there always. The consistency of the paint, the placement and the combinations are all important components. But it's really interesting to see the finished products.

I've also been working on Christmas ornaments for the show. I really love doing those. I'm doing some in the traditional colors and also some red and purple ones for red hatters and pink and purple ones for pink hatters. I've also made a couple of blue ones that I really love. I'll try to get some photos to share in the next few days.

It is so nice to have my studio functional again. There is still a lot of tidying to do in there but at least I can use it again. I do have a lot to figure out as far as furniture in the bedroom. And I have a lot of stuff in the sunporch up there that needs to live somewhere else - I just don't know where that is, yet. But, I'm going to put my sewing stuff out there. I love having my writing desk downstairs in the sunporch so I think I'll enjoy the sewing stuff upstairs on that one.

Before that happens there's a lot of "stuff" I have to sort through and decide what to do with. Much of the stuff in that room is things I want to keep, but don't know where they go. Here's an example - the reels of tape of stories I did when I worked in radio. Where do those goes? I want to keep them. There's some good stuff in there - the audio of the show we did the day Challenger exploded, interviews with people who are no longer with us, a story I did that's in a local time capsule, etc. etc. etc. I want to keep that stuff, but I don't know where it belongs. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

Well, I'm off to go paint a bit more before bed. I already have paint all over my hands so I might as well do more tonight. I had to paint my nails this morning because I couldn't get all the paint out from under them and they just looked nasty. Now that polish is covered with more paint. Maybe this is why people wear gloves. But, then you can't feel the paint and I like to feel the paint. It's essential as far as I'm concerned.