Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am weary tonight. It has been a difficult week professionally. I had two big projects to complete this week and am not sure I was coherent enough to do them well, but I did get them done.

I went to bed last night about 3 a.m. and woke up this morning before 6:30. I got up and wrote for a couple of hours before I started my work day.

My writing desk is now downstairs in the sunporch, looking out onto the front yard. I like to sit there in the early morning and write while having a cup of tea. It's a lovely way to start the day.

There's something I should figure out about myself that I like to be awake when the rest of the world is sleeping - either late at night or early in the morning. Probably something inherently messed up about it, but who knows what.

OK, I'll admit it, I cannot resist tests that are supposedly going to give you some insight in to who you are. I've lived with myself for 45 years, who could possibly know more about me than I do. But, nonetheless, I am always drawn to these things.

Tonight in my e-miles from NWA was a test to take called "Jasper." It's all about your work approach. I missed some of the questions because I couldn't figure out their system for answering them online, but the results seem to be pretty accurate - at least based on what the person who's been living with me since birth - me - believes.

I'm not sure what it is I'm searching for in these tests, but I guess there's something. So far I haven't been surprised by anything, which I suppose is good. And I'm not sure there's much point in them keeping it "confidential" when I'm posting it on the world wide web, but there you go.

I'm a "3" - Visionary - on this test. I'm not sure what that means, and the description included a quote by Donald Trump, so I'm not sure this is necessarily good company.

I think "visionary" is the nice way people say that you don't play well with others, that you have to question everything - including your supervisors - and don't follow directions well. But, shoot, "visionary" sounds so much better than "potential disciple problem." No doubt it was a "visionary" who created this test while they were supposed to be making widgets.

Here are my results:

What you want out of work:
To dream big and to foster your creativity and knack for innovation.

Your colleagues think of you as:
A creative, abstract thinker who is fun to watch in action.

What you have to offer:
Not only new and better ideas for how things can be improved, but also the courage to pursue them.

My Unique Strengths are:
I - Innovative
S - Spontaneous
C - Communication
I - Independent

Leadership Style
Innovative. Your leadership style can be characterized as Innovative. You tend to be inventive and proactive in creating new ways to get things done, bringing a sense of confidence to most things you do. You aren't afraid to take risks if it means finding a new, better way.

Work Personality
Spontaneous.You are more Spontaneous than Deliberate when it comes to your work personality. You are comfortable pushing the envelope and suggesting new ways of doing things. Your spontaneity and ability to break out of the mold can also help others think outside the box.

Universal Skills
Communication skills. You likely are an articulate person, and you probably have received positive feedback on your writing ability or your skill speaking to groups. Even if you don't regularly use this skill, you nevertheless have confidence in your communication abilities.

Work Style
Independent. You show strength in your ability to be an Independent worker. While you no doubt can be quite effective working on a team, you feel much more productive when you have the freedom to do things on your own. You simply enjoy the autonomy that independent work entails.

So... hmmmm.... I wonder what this means I should be doing with my life... I just want to make a living being me.