Wednesday, February 02, 2011


For most of my life I have felt a sense of gratitude. It was not because things were always perfect, but because I was taught to appreciate what was right in my life - even from a young age. Feeling grateful was simply part of my "normal."

It seems every day presents ample opportunity for gratitude. The last couple of days it was to have a warm home and food in the cupboard, not requiring any trips out into the frigid cold. Daily I realize I'm fortunate to have a job I enjoy and blessed to have freelance jobs that bring extra sources of income.

And of course I am always grateful for the people in my life. My family is wonderful; my second family of Greg, his mom and brother are amazing; friends who share joys and burdens are indispensable.

It is these joys - small and large - that are the recipe for gratitude. It seems I'm more aware of all that's right with my world when things are a bit uncertain - with me or with others. "Gratitude" is a base emotion for me. I'm not sure of all that means, but I know it is central to who I am.