Thursday, November 03, 2005

Festival of Remembrance

Tonight I went to the Festival of Remembrance put on by Hospice of Reno County. It was a nice event. It's held at Prairie Dunes, which is a very upscale golf course. Not being a golfer, it's all lost on me, but it's a big deal. We had the US Women's Open here in 2002 and the Senior Men's will be here next year. It's consistently listed as one of the best courses in the country and was designed by a very famous golf course designer. You can read more about it at if you're a golfie. (Surely that's like being a foodie. Right?)

Anyway... back to tonight. There were munchies and drinks and a silent auction. Of course, the real event at such a thing is always the people watching. I'm always interested in who's there and also who's not.

Mark Treaster was there. He's turned into quite the politician. But at least in his case he's sincere in his reasons for wanting to be in office.

There was another "unannounced politician" working the room in a major way. I've seen him doing the same at a few other events recently so I'm guessing he's planning a run for office at some point. Last time he made it a point to talk to me and I was wondering why, since I'm neither involved nor do I have a lot of money to give to a campaign. Apparently he has figured this out because tonight he ignored me completely. Ah well... at least I don't have to wonder why that happened.

I saw Pat Patucek, a local artist, there. She had donated a painting for the silent auction. I sent her some copies of photos I took of her with the governor, and she said she loved them. She said the governor sent her a nice note after that event.

I visited with Molly, who was the only other CHICK there, which surprised me. I ran into quite a few people I knew, and it was nice to visit with some folks that I don't see often. I also met some new people.

I had an opportunity to chat with the Fesler family. They were my former landlords and Virginia and her daughter are both in Altrusa. Lois and Kay were there from Altrusa, too. Virginia asked about Mark and I told her about his radio show on XM. They have XM so I've got to get them hooked up so they can listen to him.

It was a good night. I had offered to help with a volunteer project before it started, so I didn't get there until about 6 and I left about 8. Maybe next year I'll get to go for the whole event.

After I got home, Terry called and asked if Greg and I wanted to go to Applebees with him and his mom. Terry's mom is really sweet and I always enjoy seeing her. He's really good to his mom.

Well, I have a breakfast meeting, so I'd best get to bed shortly. This has been a week of early events - they seem to come in groups.

I rearranged my office today and didn't get everything finished so I have to work on that some more tomorrow. Seems I always get these urges when I've got tons of other things I need to be doing.

Royals Visit

I'm not a Royal Watcher, but even I cannot get away from the "news" about Camilla's blue velvet dress she wore in NY. Please, give it a rest. They're calling her a frump. Leave the woman alone. If all you have to do is talk about someone's choice of a dress, find yourself a more challenging profession and a couple of new hobbies. And why do you care if she brought 500 dresses, much less 50. You didn't have to carry her luggage. Hush.