Thursday, September 08, 2011

Stream of Time

I think of time very differently than most other people I've discussed it with. I do not think of time as linear - it's 2 p.m., then 3 p.m., then 4 p.m., etc. - I think of time as much more fluid than that.

At some point I came up with the idea of a "Stream of Time," that we are moving along with it just like a leaf might move along with a flowing creek. If we consider different eras in history, and if you believe souls have lessons to learn, it's easy to see how we could be here to experience particular things.

Because we live in an era of such wonder, invention and innovation it seems logical that all of us experiencing it are here for a reason. But at the same time, other souls coexisting with us have other reasons. Think of someone you know who's different than you and you'll see you're in very different "streams of time," even if we're all living in the same ocean.

I have often felt out of step with regard to time. My parents were really two generations older than me. One of my serious relationships was with someone a generation younger than me. I cannot stand to be rushed - it makes me very testy when I feel someone is pushing me time-wise. I never feel like there's enough time. I don't feel like there's enough time in a normal life-span to do everything I want to do.

Just recently I was talking with a friend about the Theory of Relativity, which isn't really a theory anymore - but a fact. It occurred to me that maybe this is why I have always bristled at the idea of being on a schedule. Even when I was very young I knew that time could not possibly be linear - it just made no sense at all to me. And so scheduling is incredibly limiting to my mind. Therefore, being on a schedule makes life limited as well. It's the first time I have ever put those two things together, but it makes sense.

There's much more to consider in this realm...
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Scenes From My World

This was taken in an antique mall in some small town in Missouri this past weekend. I don't remember which town. I don't remember which store. But I remember I got two handfuls of vintage Christmas ornaments for a quarter each.

I heard Greg and his mom approaching and peered around the corner, holding the ornaments. I knew it would amuse him and horrify his mom. I was right. Greg had me reenact so he could get a photo. I was a happy camper, as you can see!

This year I'm hoping to do my big Christmas extravaganza. I think a vintage tree will be making an appearance.

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