Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ideas Swirling

Ideas are swirling in my brain these days. Meanwhile, projects that are due in the next few days are occupying my energy. That seems to be when ideas swirl the most. Why is that? It seems counter-productive.

In the midst of all of these things, I'm trying to get some projects around the house done. I'm never sure if that's because I'm motivated or because I'm avoiding. Either way, I now having a working garbage disposal in my kitchen - something I've not been able to say for awhile. This is my third one since I've lived here. I did not spring for the "best" one this time. It lasted about a week past its warranty, just like the "good" one. Apparently this is something I simply have to replace regularly so there's no point in spending extra money on it. Who knew disposals were disposable?

Did I mention my taxes are not yet begun?

I would just file an extension, but you need to pay what you owe when you do that, and I'm not sure how I could possibly know what I owe without doing my taxes, in which case I could just send the completed taxes instead of the extension form. I anticipate sleeping will not be something I do much of until after April 17.

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