Saturday, April 30, 2005

Abraded and Waxed

We decided today at about 4:30 to hit the Anchor right after work. Comedian Paul Rodriguez is in town tonight for a show at the Fox but I didn't go. But, it seems a large part of the town did and they were all at the Anchor before hand. So was he. Terry got to see him today with some school kids and said it was great.

Anyway, there were only five of us - Andrea, Susan K, Terry, Greg and me. It was so last minute and I was in such a hurry that when I emailed, I mistyped Debbie's name so she didn't get the message, and there was someone else's that I did the same thing to but I can't recall now who that was. I didn't see the bounces until I got home. Oddly enough, just as I was typing it, Diana called saying Andrea was there and wanted to know if we were going. So, it all worked out.

I left from the Anchor and went to the fairgrounds for Girls Night Out. It's a fundraiser for the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center here. It's a neat event. This is only the second year but they had a big crowd. Diana had a booth - her daughters Sarah and Taylor were both there to help.

I did only two activities. At the Head Turners salon's booth, I had the age spots on my hand abraded with a light therapy. I have had "age spots" since I was in my early 20s. I don't like it much, but so it goes. Anyway, it made a huge difference. But, it costs $150 a treatment or you can buy 10 treatments for $1,000. Uh... hmmm... I doubt I'll be doing that anytime soon. Did I mention I run a non-profit?

The other thing I did was stand in line for a $3 eye brow wax. Now, I have to tell you, I'm not a big makeup person to begin with and waxing... hmmm... can you say "ouch!" Well, I can. I've done it 2-3 times in the past. I don't pluck my eyebrows at all. You know why? It hurts. That's why.

Well, I've been thinking about getting them waxed again. It's been at least two years - the memory of the pain has faded.

So, Reflections salon was doing waxing for only $3. So, I stood in line and did it. I have to say that Valerie, who did it, did not hurt me nearly as much as everyone else who has done it in the past - including the person who first did it and was referred to as "Noy, the wax king." Well, move over Noy - and take your painful applications and tools with you. (Actually, Noy left town years ago, so it's not really an issue - but the story would be lacking otherwise.) The next time I feel the urge to harm myself in this manner, Valerie is getting my business.

So, here I sit, wondering about the wisdom of abrading and waxing oneself... much less having others do it for you.

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