Friday, May 06, 2005

Energy Healer Visit

I spent the day today in a workshop with an energy healer I've visited a couple of times. She works with the subtle energies.

Today's workshop was to teach us some of the basic techniques so we can heal ourselves. There were six of us - all friends.

It was a fascinating day. We experimented with a number of techniques from making energy balls to finishing with a healing.

On Tuesday evening she did a brief talk about what she does. There were 17 people there. Today there were only six of us. Jocelyn, Teresa, Trish, Diana and Ruth and I were the pupils. It was such a bonus to do it in a small group where we got a lot of individual attention.

I had two very interesting moments, one of which I can share here. The other was not really my experience - I was a witness to it - so it's not my place to share. But, one other I can share.

We were doing a meditation and during it I felt the urge to roll my head around slowing, cracking my neck as it went. This is always what I want the chiropractor to do when I go - crack my neck.

So, I started just moving it however it wanted to go. When we were done I tried to recreate it and couldn't get my neck to go nearly as far back as it had earlier. Apparently when working with these subtle energies, it's not uncommon for people to do things that are "physically impossible," which is what this was. It was a fascinating feeling. In one direction it seemed to flow easily and in the other it seems to require "pushing" - as if it were going backwards.

I would like to get the group together to practice more.

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