Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Nights of Holiday Weekends

Friday nights of a holiday weekend are always so wonderful - you have the whole weekend stretching out in front of you, with that extra day tacked on.

Unfortunately for me, this holiday means that people are occupied with family events and I can't call on friends to help me get through these rough days. It's understandable, but it always seems to work out that when I really *need* companionship, which isn't too often, but when I need to be distracted, I cannot connect with anyone. Always seems to be bad timing.

However, tonight I called Terry to see if he wanted to go to the Anchor and he said yes so we had dinner. Terry is a great story teller and can always make me laugh. Tonight was no exception, even though my mind is on my lost love.

Maybe tomorrow I will get in the car and drive somewhere. I should stay home and work on things here but there are so many things here that remind me of my now former bf. He helped me move into this place and did a lot of work on the house. So, his touch is everywhere.

I'd like to get my floors refinished this summer. It would make sense to have it done while I'm gone at some point this summer. I'm thinking about just borrowing money on my credit card to do it - that's often cheaper money than getting it at a bank - and I do need to get them done. We'll see how it all works out...

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