Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Saturday in the House

I worked on some computer projects most of the day. I created some free downloads of computer wallpaper to put on my website. Someone asked about having one from the monoprint I use as the buttons on my website. So, I did three different ones today. I'm usually a plain blue background kind of girl but I am using one of these now and it is kind of fun.

I did not leave the house until about 7:30 this evening - it has been HOT - and I've been enjoying the AC. I went and picked up my friend, Sondra, tonight and we went to Skaets for a moonburger. The sky was beautiful and it was one of the rare occasions when I didn't have my digital camera with me. It was cloudy and there was lightning but it looks like we're not going to get any rain after all.

After dinner, we went back to Sondra's and I looked at the various projects she's been working on in her house. Sondra has a wonderful old house that she's always doing something with. It's good for me to talk to her - it inspires me to work more on my own house.

Today I painted a bit more in what will be the library. I am torn about what to do with the walls in there. I'm just putting on a beige-y base coat. My plan is to sponge over some other colors. My first thought was a chocolate brown and copper metalic color. Then I considered an Egyptian look with a blue and gold sponged over. Tonight I went to Walmart to pick up some things and noticed a very nice leafy-sagey green. I think it with some copper highlights would be fabulous. It also looks good with the chocolate brown. So, I'm headed upstairs shortly with the various color chips to give it a look see.

Regardless of what I do paint wise, it will still be some effort to get things done in there as I want to add a number of shelving units and those will have to all be put together. And then the 40 plus boxes of cookbooks put on them. I do NOT enjoy hauling boxes of books up the stairs! Maybe I can hire a couple of high school kids who's like a little extra cash to do that.

There is a company in town that I've never hired but a friend has - two guys and a truck. They charge a flat hourly rate. I think I might just hire them to do it. I have been taking a box up whenever I go upstairs but I've now got those in the sun porch and they're in the way. So, I decided no more until I get the library done.

I also worked on a project for an art group today - an address book I committed to. I have my design done, but it requires some hand painting on each one. I thought I had printed enough that they were all done, but I realized after cutting them that I need a few more. So, I printed them and will paint those tonight. I like to slather on paint, so it takes awhile to dry. It seems my studio is constantly covered with things in various stages of drying.

I'm thinking about making a section of my website for "in the studio" with pix of whatever I'm working on. It might not always look very tidy but it seems to be of interest to people. Whenever I have work people here, or sometimes friends, people seem fascinated by whatever is spread out to dry. So, it might be fun to share that on the website.

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