Monday, June 13, 2005

Corel Painter

On one of my art lists, they've been talking lately about Corel Painter versus Photoshop. I've been using Corel for many years - much longer than Photoshop, and yet I've never played with Painter. This is unusual for me - I'm usually quite the experimenter. But, I've mostly used Corel Draw, not Painter.

Well, at the urging of folks like Karen Winters, who's work I really admire, I took a few minutes tonight to play with it. ( and to see Karen's amazing work)

It just so happened that red was the default and I automatically drew a heart, playing with a variety of brushes and such that you can't see here.

Anyway, I just kept playing around with various things and ended up with this odd - but some reason appealing (at least to me) heart.

Maybe it's because my heart is still broken, maybe it's because it's trying to heal a bit. Whatever the reason I was inspired to draw a heart - it could have been that red was selected because I was working on a logo before that - I thought I'd share it here.

Now, after this little interlude, I must get back to work on garden tour things! Being sick and in bed for a day and a half did not help my schedule at all. Fortunately, I'm feeling better.

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