Thursday, June 23, 2005

Most Women Want Diamonds, I Want Juice

Most women want diamonds, I want juice. Not just any kind of juice, but electrical juice - power - mmmmm.

Few moments are as exciting in life as today when the electrician told me that I now have TWO outlets in my house that are on their own circuits. Oh... the excitement of it all.

One is a new one where my Christmas tree will go this year in a corner of the living room. The other is in the dining room where there was an old fashioned air conditioner outlet. That has now been replaced with a useable outlet that's all on its own circuit. Oooooh the things I can do with that.

For years, my Christmas trees has blown fuses and/or circuits. Finally, I will be able to run my tree the way I want to, without fear of these inconveniences.

As you may have guessed, the electrician was back today - actually two of them were here most of the day - and many things got accomplished. Very exciting stuff. I'm getting ready to take a trek around the house and see if all the new security lights work.

For reasons I don't understand, I am the only one on our block that leaves my porch light on. The result is that it's very dark here. I now have security lights on both sides of the house and the front. They may not be the most attractive things, but if someone walks on either side of the house, which no one has any business doing, the light will come on. It will also be good for people to see getting into their cars at night when I have friends over.

I also made a trip to the eye doctor today. I need new glasses, which I pretty much already knew. They didn't have any frames that spoke to me, so I'll have to hunt around for something new.

That was after lunch with Trish, which was wonderful. She is such a treasure in my life. That friendship is one that only deepens with time. We have shared broken hearts and the happiness of fresh love more times than we're starting to want to count. I know she is someone I can trust completely, who will be excited with me when a new relationship begins, and commiserate with me when one ends. I also know she would tell me if I did something foolish. How can you ask more of a friend? It's such a lovely, comfortable relationship.

I have felt better as the day has gone on, but spent all morning in bed. I called the doctor for another prescription. I start zithromax tomorrow, after my last amoxicillian tonight. I still sound awful and my ears still hurt. I'm officially very, very, very sick of being sick.

I called my sister in law today and told her I just can't come to the reunion. I hate to miss it. I haven't missed on in probably 15 years at least, but I just cannot drive 12 hours, go the reunion, and then drive 12 hours back in the next few days.

Of course, if I feel great on Saturday I'll be thankful, but also a little sad that I'm not there. But, it just can't be helped. I can only do so much and apparently I'm over my limit.

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