Saturday, June 04, 2005


More prompts from a list...

Sun - What is the one thing you need to get finished this week?
garden tour prep

Mon - What is one item that you own that you really should throw away ... but probably never will?
my shirt Kyle Macy signed in the early 1980s - when he was hot stuff and I was wild about him (Basketball player for those of you not in-the-know about KY Wildcats B ball)

Tues - What are the 3 main influences in your life?
my family, my ex bf (we remain good friends), my faith

Wed - What makes you laugh?
tons of things - love wit and sarcasm - all of my friends are funny - it's almost a "requirement" to be my friend :)

Thurs - What is the most inexpensive, non-valuable thing you tend to collect and hoard?
rocks... love 'em... been picking them up since I could walk.. so... 41 years now... can't resist them... When I was moving it got to be a joke that every purse, decorative box or dish was likely to have a rock inside it.

Fri What do you daydream about?
being able to devote every day to BEING ME and not having to work for a living... and yet having enough money that I NEVER have to think about it... don't want to live extravagantly - just don't want to ever have to devote another thought to money - cannot think of many subjects more dull� I guess it's fine for some people, but I am certain I'm not meant to be devoting much thought to money in this lifetime

Sat What is your favorite Saturday pastime?
varies... do the same things on Saturday I do all week - see friends, go to lunch.... maybe take a little weekend trip.... paint in the studio

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