Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wichita - shopping hell

I spent the day in Wichita, trying to gather up things I need for the house. I decided over the winter that this summer I was going to try and get a lot of things done to the house. I've lived here three years and in some ways it still looks like I'm moving in. I think realizing that I'm working on the last room I've not worked on spurred me even further a couple of months ago. So, now I'm trying to cram everything into the next couple of months.

Shopping is not my favorite activity by a long shot, so this was a long day, but I did get some things I needed.

I'm exhausted and my carpenter guy is coming at 8 in the morning so I need to get some rest. He's going to tear out a closet in the dining room that has to be done before they do the floors. I have a lot of other small jobs but I need to see how much time he has to do things tomorrow. He's a busy guy but I always feel lucky to get him - he does great work and he's very reasonable.

Well, off to bed for me. I won't get a lot of sleep because I need to get up early and clean out the closet Chris is going to destroy tomorrow.

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