Friday, September 09, 2005

Al Gore

Al Gore spoke to environmentalists at the Sierra Club in today at their opening convention. This is one of his comments...

"When the corpses of American citizens are floating in toxic flood waters five days after a hurricane struck, it is time not only to respond directly to the victims of the catastrophe, but to hold ... the leaders of our nation accountable," Gore told environmentalists at the Sierra Club's national convention.

Gore was responsible for getting two plane loads of people out of New Orleans. He did it by placing phone calls - personally - and securing the planes. American Airlines apparently went on the mission without a contract or previous payment. to read more

So, Al Gore evacuated people with his own money and his own connections. Bush has the whole freaking military at his disposal and couldn't manage it for a longer time period.

It's really a shame Al Gore didn't get in the white house back when he won the election. Of course, Al knows about water, being from Tennessee, so he would have maintained the leeves so this wouldn't be an issue. Because, oh yeah, we wouldn't be using all our resources to fight a useless war. I knew there was a reason.

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