Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Creative Sisterhood

Tonight was our Creative Sisterhood gathering. I look so forward to having these women come together each month. Everyone was here tonight and it was a wonderful evening.

It feels good to have their energy in my house. They hadn't been here since I had the floors done. Teresa and Diana had seen them but the others hadn't.

When the six of us gather, it's always an amazing time together.

One of the things I discussed tonight was that I am feeling more and more like I do not belong in the US. I'm not sure where I belong, which is why I'm still here, and I may never figure it out and live here the rest of my life, but the actions of our government - not the talk, but the actions - demonstrate values that are completely opposite my own.

And beyond that - the real issue - is that a majority of people in this country agree that these are appropriate values - either by voting or choosing to vote, which is the same as casting a vote for "the winner," whoever that is. That is what really troubles me - that a majority of the people I'm living with in this nation think this is what's appropriate for a society.

I have tried to change it and failed miserably. I am at a loss as to what I can do. Majority rules in this country, and what the majority wants is not at all what I want. Obviously, the system is not going to change, so it seems that I must change.

I just don't have any idea how to accomplish that.


Jenny said...

Change comes from the inside out. I'm sure you've heard that before. Apply it to your goals. Lobby,Campaign, Write letters and YES - Run for Office, and perhaps the most important part - put your money where your politics are! Take it from soemone who got fed up being raised by hippies who protested, complained, wrote songs, and created art about injustice. No of that matters - what matters is the money. Find a politician that embodies your highest priorities and donate a day's pay once a month to their campaign. And if you can't find one - BE that politician.

Patsy Terrell said...

I've done all the things your parents did - and given money. I've done everything except run for office. People are always encouraging me to run but I know I would not be an effective politician. I HATE going to meetings and that's what politicians do all day long. It's why I feel so helpless - I don't know what else I can do.

Jenny said...

My husband is a politician and he attends 4 meetings a month. JUST DO IT! If not you, who? (scary thought huh?)