Thursday, September 29, 2005

Germs! Yikes!

The question was asked about germs and are you germaphobic and what do you do. I like to think I'm "cautious."

OK. I hate germs.

Salad bars. Oh my gosh. I look at those handles and think about all the people who've touched them and the germs that have made a happy place in the salad fixings. OK, I do eat from salad bars at times, but I do think about it.

Never use those air dryers in bathrooms - they're pulling dirty air from the floor. Disgusting. I use the towel to open the door, or barring that my shirttail, or if I have to I use a pinky finger and pull it at a place on the handle where others aren't likely to touch.

I wash my hands many times a day - certainly after being outside or doing anything "dirty."

I HATE shopping carts. Yuck yuck yuck. Do you know how many people have touched those handles!?!?!? And people let their babies chew on them, which is disgusting for the baby, and also makes it more covered with germs.

When I am in public, I never touch my eyes, mouth, etc. without washing my hands first. I also rarely get colds - because of this and the frequent hand washing.

I carry wet ones with me all the time. I never eat without using a wet one or going to wash my hands.

If any food falls on the table, it's trash. Have you seen the water/rags people wipe tables in restaurants with? Please, some bleach.

Bleach. Ah, yes, bleach. I keep it in the kitchen, both bathrooms and by the laundry. When I serve a group of people, I soak my dishes in bleach water afterwards to make sure all germs are killed. If you think your dishwasher is killing germs, you're kidding yourself, unless you have a commercial dishwasher and are using sanitizing material in it.

I rinse all can lids before opening.

Even as a child, I often asked, "Mama, my hands are duh-ty, would you wash my hands?"

Well, I could go on and on and on and on and on. But I'll stop here for the moment.

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