Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday to Terry

Monday night a number of us gathered at China Star, a local restaurant, to celebrate Terry's birthday.

I know I've mentioned Terry here before. He's an all-around good guy. I also joke that Terry is the reason you always want to stay on good terms with your exes. Terry and Greg were - and are - friends. Because Greg and I stayed on good terms, I got to keep Terry as a friend, too. Thank goodness!

Terry's family was there. His mom is in her 80s and she was having a good time.

Terry's sister and brother in law, and their son, were all there. I had met his sister before, but had never gotten to talk with any of them much. It was the first time I'd met his nephew and he's funny.

Terry has been taking tai chi for quite some time and Joya is his teacher. We've had lunch together before and she's a blast.

It was a really fun night and was capped off when the restaurant people brought Terry an ice cream dessert, complete with shrimp on the plate. None of us know what the deal was about that.

Did I mention Terry is a strict vegetarian?

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