Friday, September 09, 2005

I See Dead People

Well, I'm up... only about 3.5 hours since I went to sleep. I can't sleep. I see dead people - when I'm awake on television and when I'm asleep in my mind. And I didn't even vote for Bush.

So, I've been out to the garage, doing a little possum proofing. Yes... possums. And before you start telling me how cute the nasty, snarling, rabies laden things are, let me tell you it won't work with me. I grew up on a farm - I'm familiar with many types of wildlife - and little of it is conducive to cohabitation with humans.

Unfortunately, possums are now an urban problem. A friend has had one in his basement. And someone told me they had seen one in our neighborhood.

I have one garage door that won't close all the way to the bottom and so I went out and did a little jury rigging on it to block entry - just in case one of the critters decides it looks like a good place to settle in. My garage is at the alley, a lot away from the house, and I don't use it for a vehicle, so I'm not out there much.

Figured I'd go out while it's still dark so hopefully if there was one who was there he would be active and get out. I opened the door at the front to turn on the light and decided to leave it open. Sure enough, while I was at the back of the garage, messing with the big door, the front door opened as something pushed it open to get out. Could have been a cat, but I'm not taking any chances. Whatever it is won't be getting back into my garage - I'm sure of that - I did a very good job of possum proofing if I do say so myself.

Hutchinson animal control says possums are a major problem in the area. They'll provide you with a trap, but they don't kill them when they catch them - they "relocate" them. This is another example of stupidity - studies show that almost all die shortly after being released - 88% in the first week. I guess animal rights people think it's better for them to be killed by foxes or other predators than put to sleep peacefully.

I just know that they're not compatible with human habitation. And in an urban area they have no predators so flourish unchecked. Man - the one predator they could have - isn't even one I guess.

My theory on such things is simple - they can be anywhere on the planet except my tiny bit of it.

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