Monday, September 12, 2005

Start with a Bang

The work week started with a bang - OK, not so much - I was dragging today.

I think I kicked some allergy into high gear at the fair on Saturday because I woke up dozens of times last night, unable to breathe from my congested head/nose/throat/etc. I would sit up, drink some water, clear it out and go back to sleep for about - oh 13.2 minutes - and then be back up again.

I know why people who have sleep apnea are always tired now. Good grief - it's exhausting to be up every few minutes. Hopefully I'll get to bed earlier tonight and be able to actually SLEEP, which will be a bonus.

I did accomplish quite a few things today - despite my lagging energy. Tomorrow will be a busy day and then Wednesday even busier, so I do have to get right into the week.

Mark is coming back this weekend for more of the fair. I'm not sure how much I'm going to get out there this year. I do enjoy it, but it seems the week is getting pretty full.

I do enjoy the State Fair. It's one of the last agricultural fairs in the country and I find it charming to see ribbons on tomatoes and peppers and pumpkins.

There was an event yesterday afternoon that I really wanted to go to - a gathering for Rob - but I just couldn't do it and the other things that were on the agenda.

Tonight I was at an Arts and Humanities Council board meeting and they were giving us dates of events. There were 7 things, I think, and I had something competing with everyone of them. I'm not sure how to find more time and more energy.

Greg is still thrilled with his Garrison Keillor picture with Ace Jackalope and it is very cool.

Garrison's performance is still the talk of the town. We were thrilled to welcome him to Hutchinson and hope he returns soon. In fact, he's coming to Lindsborg next year, so he will be back in the area.

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