Tuesday, September 13, 2005


It's been a busy and not especially productive day. I was scheduled to have electricians here today, but they didn't come. How you actually GET the people you've arranged in advance to work on your house to show up when they've agreed to, I don't know. It's a trick I've not mastered. And, yes, this is the most reputable company in town.

I got a lot of MHA things done, so that was good. But, it seems I'm always behind, regardless.

I went to the Democratic Women's Club luncheon today and it was really great. Greg Halling of the Hutchinson News talked about their mission and how they make decisions about candidates and such.

Tonight was Altrusa. We're getting ready for our Mad Hatter party in two weeks.

I'm moving very slowly. I am suffering some serious pain in my left leg. I stepped off a ladder a little crooked the other day and it seems to have affected a muscle. Ouch! I'm taking piles of Ibuprofen. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Well... I'm off to bed. I have a breakfast in the morning at 7, so I need some sleep.

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