Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dreams dead and Dreams new

It has been a very full work day. Plus, I worked in the diversity lunch today. It was a really good group today. Service was a bit better, which was a nice change.

Greg and I went to Skaets right at 5 and then Julie came over later for me to help her with a computer thing.

I've been rather distracted all day today. Today is another anniversary to get through. The day is almost over. Tomorrow will be another one. Some dreams die - some gracefully, some not so much. I get exhausted from all of it, but can't seem to let the days pass without noting it because it seems to belittle something that was important in this lifetime.

Last night I had the oddest dream - actually three dreams that were related. I know these dreams will alter how I see the world - they already have slightly - and they will yet more, I'm sure. They were not dreams of my brain clearing itself. Part of me is excited to go to sleep tonight. Part of me is frightened.

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