Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What Else Can Oprah Do?

Today Oprah announced that two of the men wanted for child molestation that she put on her show a week ago have been captured. I applaud her efforts. I think it's wonderful.

However, I wonder how many more things can Oprah take on? First she got America reading again. Then it was spiritual awakening. Next came Dr. Phil and his spin off TV show. There's Christmas in Africa and relief for Katrina victims. Now she's catching child molesters.

I think this is wonderful. Goodness knows, like most people, I want to see child molesters off the streets.

But what else Oprah can take on? And why is it Oprah's job to catch child molesters? Don't we have a whole system to do that? Why isn't that working?

Obviously, Oprah has decided to DO something, and that's marvelous. But it seems we should be considering why the system we have isn't working.

Something very big is broken. Maybe we should try to fix that. Or we should just appoint Oprah as dictator. Maybe that's not such a bad idea. This one woman seems to be able to accomplish what hundreds - nay, thousands - of others can't. She seems to be able to do the impossible - from getting America reading to catching child molesters. I can't figure out why those who's job it is to inspire us to read or to catch the bad guys can't do it. What does Oprah know that the rest of us don't?

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