Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween

We had a beautiful night for Halloween - a little nippy, but pleasant.

It was so nippy this little princess was covering up part of her beautiful dress with a coat. No wonder all the kids were attracted to the cauldron. They thought it would be putting off real heat.

We had 50-60 trick or treaters, but not a major rush at any time. It would have been nice to have more. I so enjoy the kiddies in their costumes.

Part of the problem is that the only houses on my block that have their lights on are me and my next door neighbor to the west.

The neighbors to the east have four little boys so they're out trick or treating with them. Most of the other folks in the neighborhood just don't give out candy. A few have small kids, but most are just only giving out candy to those they know who go up on their porches, even though their porch lights are not on.

Greg did the setup as usual. Mark wasn't able to come this year so we did a simpler setup. As usual, we used the fog machines, which give a nice fuzziness to everything. I usually can't wait to go get a shower after being in the midst of it all night.

Teresa is doing fundraiser at the station. Geez, I always HATED doing that on Halloween. Anyway, she stopped by on her way home. My house is right on her drive, and I was out in the yard so she stopped to say hello briefly. We tried to get her to stay, but she wanted to go home and rest.

Jesse popped by a little later. We ended up going out to get a bite with him and then Terry joined us. Terry is always so funny. He said they had about 90 trick or treaters.

Greg did a tiki mask again, with the fog machine behind it. It was a cool look. I think next year we need to do more stuff.

There's something odd about thinking you need to do more elaborate things to get people come take your free candy.

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