Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Newsletters and Kilz

Today has been a very full day but at least I accomplished a lot of things. Not everything I would have liked, of course, but a lot of things.

I worked on the newsletter today during most of the workday and also made calls for our Christmas homes tour. I also did some work for our national office that needs to get out the door.

I was on my computer most of the day. I use my home computer for lots of things because the one at work just can't handle stuff. I realized that I don't think I've been out of the house today. I got up and came downstairs and started working on the newsletter.

Tonight I have cleaned and painted. I kilzed a couple of spots on the ceiling and painted some in the sun porch. I have washed out paint brushes all night it seems. Tonight I was putting some kilz on the kitchen ceiling and realized how dirty the upper part of the walls were. So, I cleaned them. It was overdue. Then I started wiping down all the cabinet doors. This cleaning thing is still with me. I hope it stays for awhile. It's amazing what I can get done in an evening when I'm actually at home.

I am going to cut back on some of the things I'm involved in. I just don't have the energy to devote to all the various projects I'm involved in where I'm not being met at least half way by other people. I often end up doing more than my half or my fourth or my tenth of a project. So, I'm going to look at things on a yearly basis and how much time/energy I can devote to any given thing. When I've given that much then I'm not going to give any more to that for that calendar year. It's the only system I can come up with, other than just removing myself from everything. I don't want to do that, but I cannot be in charge of any more things.

It's cold here tonight - 28 at the moment. It's been very mild so far but I'm guessing tonight is going to get the remaining green things in the flower bed.

I have some daffodils and tulips to plant but I left everything from the summer there so far, even though it had gotten burned with frost, because it was still blooming and I figured I'd let everything go to seed that would. The morning glories are still blooming, even though some of the leaves were burned. Once everything is dead, I'll clean it up a bit and then plant the bulbs.

Well... time for me to go to bed. I've got another very full day tomorrow. I'll get to spend at least part of it at my office, which I love, so that will be nice. I'm going to go turn on my electric blanket and snuggled under it for the night.

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