Sunday, November 13, 2005


Terry came over this afternoon and helped me move some things I couldn't do by myself. I am so thankful. He has been such a trooper the whole time I've been working on this house project.

He also carried the rest of the slate tile upstairs for me. I thought I'd take a package up everytime I went upstairs but it was so heavy I couldn't carry it up. He carried it all up - one package at a time. I owe him dinner.

I sent him off with some potato soup I made earlier today, but I need to do something more than that for him. He was so very gracious in helping me with all these projects, and especially that one. I'm so, so, so, so, so happy to have it out of the living room.

I need to get the piano and the couch moved into the sunporch and then my living room can be made liveable again. I'm so very eager for that. I have some paint touchup to do in there, but I'm not repainting so it's nothing major.

I also got a corner of the library finished today. I have worn out the sponge I was using so I guess I need to buy another one. Terry brought in the shelves for me that go up there so I can start putting those together. Then they'll have to be carried upstairs but at this point getting them all put together seems overwhelming enough. One thing at a time.

It will feel so good to get books on the shelves. I haven't had all my cookbooks out for a few years. It will be like Christmas seeing them all again. The next step in that process is getting the shelves put together. It's not a job I enjoy, unfortunately. But, it's a job that has to be done nonetheless.

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