Saturday, November 05, 2005


I have just returned home from a performance at the Fox Theatre. Martha called this morning and asked if I could go with her tonight. I'm so tickled she called. It was a really fun evening.

Performing tonight was Sovoso, a "vocal band." It was amazing. If this group comes to your town, make it a point to go. You won't see anything else like it and you'll be bowled over by what they do.

These five performers are their own accompaniment, all with their voices, which are some of the most versatile instruments I've ever heard. I love a cappella singing, so this was a special treat. Only true artists can sing a cappella, much less for an entire performance. I kept wondering if they all have perfect pitch.

Blues, gospel, jazz and contemporary music blended into a seamless performance that had a world music feel.

Two of the group members sang with Bobby McFerrin's a cappella group, Voicestra. At times it was hard to imagine it was only three men and two women creating all that sound.

The last song they did included a local high school group and was about a topic dear to my heart - community. The song was about building a bridge. During that performance I closed my eyes at times and let the music wash over me. It was a spine-tingling experience.

I had a revelation tonight. I often comment that I don't care for live performance of any sort, or for movies, or anything that makes me sit still for an extended period of time. What I realized tonight is that I'm content to sit still for a very long time if what I'm experiencing is enthralling. That just doesn't happen often. I had no difficulties tonight. None.

Tonight also reminded me why I was a music major for only a brief time.

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