Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cards Out - Shocks In

I'm guessing we're all busy with holiday preparations. I know I'm behind on a few things and Christmas is one week away. I did get the last of my cards out the door today. I have to get the ones out that are local, with party invites, early - and if I don't get them all done at the same time I can get lax about the others. And I sometimes do.

The past week has been busy for me. I've had something every night and just didn't get the rest of them out but fortunately, they're on their way now.

It is snowy here, with travel advisories. The TV is running constant crawls about cancelled activities. I had invited my Altrusa group over tonight but only a few showed up - for the obvious reasons. Just can't be helped. No way to know what the weather will be, but those older ladies are not going to go out and drive in this.

I cooked today and puttered around the house. I don't have a party tomorrow, and I'm glad. I think I need a day of not having a schedule. I have some writing I need to do but hopefully that will go smoothly.

The weirdest thing today was when I reached for the dryer handle and got shocked. I don't know what the deal is there, but obviously have to figure that out. I just wanted some freaking dry socks. Obviously, there's a problem. I'm not sure who to call about it since I don't know what the problem is. Seems there's always something.

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