Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Life I Want to Live

Today at lunch this came up in conversation with Trish and I hadn't thought about it in ages. It came up because I was talking about how regardless of what a mess things are in in my world, I always know where my passport is - as if I'm going to need it at the office tomorrow here in the middle of the United States.

I told Trish about reading an Alexandra Stoddard book some years ago - before I even owned a passport - and she was saying that you should never keep your passport in a safety deposit box. Instead, you should always keep it in your home because if someone invited you to leave the country over the weekend on the spur of the moment you wouldn't be able to get your passport.

That stuck with me. I think because it told me the kind of life I wanted to be living - the one where I needed to always have my passport at hand - just in case I needed it for a quick trip to a foreign land.

In the "fake it till you make it" category, I always know where my passport is. So, I'm ready when this spur of the moment invitation arrives.

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