Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Security Threats

My average phone calls go something like this:

Call Number one:
G: Hello
P: Hey, wanna go get some lunch?
G: Sure.
P: I was thinking about Roys.
G: Roy's is always good.
P: I'll call you when I'm backing out.
G: OK, bye
P: bye

Greg lives three blocks away. If I call him when I'm backing out he's out the door just as I pull into his drive way. Remember that use of the cell phone network the next time you get an "all circuits busy" signal.

Call Number two a few minutes later:
G: Hello
P: I'm on my way
P: Bye
G: Bye

I feel safer knowing the government wants to listen in on that. I nearly fell asleep writing it down. I can't imagine how the poor sap who has to listen in on it feels. And you thought your boss was wasting your talent. Of course, they don't have to actually listen, wire tapping - which really isn't wire tapping in the technical sense - is far easier these days - practically automated.

My phone calls are pretty damned bland most of the time. Pretty utilitarian. Pretty ordinary. There's no plotting, no planning, no phone sex, nothing of note. But I still just don't like the idea of the government listening in just because they can. Why? Gosh, I think it's because I was raised in the US - and made to study civics, where we learned about things like "freedom." Remember civics? Yeah, I know, you gotta be a "certain age," back when things like that were deemed important and actually taught. Now of course, the government has seen the light of what happens when the populace understands their rights. They start to expect them, dammit. So, Step One: Stop telling them they have any rights.

Do you think we're now the country the rest of the world is looking at thinking, "Geez, why is there not rioting in the streets? Why do they not rise up as a people and take back their country?"

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