Thursday, February 02, 2006

Anchor Inn Falling Down

This afternoon, Mark emailed telling me part of the fascade of Anchor Inn, a local institution restaurant, had collapsed. Odd that Mark is four hours away, and I'm about 10 blocks away, and he knew before I did. I was getting ready to go to a meeting so left a few minutes early to go take photos.

I arrived to find Tony, the owner, (on the right) and two other guys standing out looking at the damage. It wasn't too long before someone else arrived. It just struck me as so small town America that people were standing in the street looking at the damage.

I guess it happened about 10 this morning. It was after 4 when I went and took the photos, but it was still big news locally.

Greg and I went to dinner down the street tonight and he took some more pix.

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