Sunday, March 19, 2006

Social Skills

Greg and I were having an interesting conversation tonight about how many problems we can trace to people lacking social skills. MIT has "charm school" to teach social skills to all undergraduates.

I'm wondering why some people don't grasp these things easily and for some others they're natural. It's not a matter of personality and things we do and do not like to do. I do not *like* to do a number of things I do, they're simply necessary and expected, so I do them. Being able to function socially is also necessary and expected, but some do not participate in this way. For some, they need to be taught the skills. It seems something we're lacking. I guess we still need charm school.

Greg and I were talking about people we know casually and realizing that with more social skills some of them are people we'd like to be better friends with. Interesting thoughts...

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