Saturday, March 25, 2006

The week in Review

This has been a really full week, aside from the scare on Thursday night. The same day that happened I had a really important meeting and a dental appointment. To top it off, this week I had a board meeting, got some closure on an old relationship, had Chicks, produced a newsletter and had volunteers mail it, dealt with a board crisis (fortunately not my board), got the car worked on and started a new project.

It seems like I'm always overloaded. You know when you look forward to getting your teeth cleaned because you cannot multi-task while you're doing it, that your life is out of control. Fortunately, I love my dental hygenist - Kathy. I've stayed with her through two dentists. I like my dentist, too - he's a big believer in lots of drugs - but if Kathy left the office I'd be hard pressed to know what to do. She's a jewel.

I say I can't multi task while there, but I did spend the time planning out my next couple of months.

Last night Teresa and I had a really nice long dinner. We're going to Kansas City next month for a wellness event. It will be good to be away. And I'm looking forward to the speakers.

Tomorrow I'm going to tea with my friend, Susan, and I'll get to meet Cynthia. So, it will be a full weekend.

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