Thursday, April 27, 2006

Julie's Retirement

Yesterday afternoon I attended Julie's retirement reception. She had a very good turnout, including Leah and Lauren, her granddaughters. Leah is the older one.

She had lots of friends who came to wish her well. I missed Diana by a few minutes I guess. Jan was there, as well as Frances - our former mayor and now a county commissioner. Julie is loved by many in the community.

One of her coworkers made a wall hanging for her. I guess this lady does this for anyone who retires. Getting a handmade gift is so special.

Becky was there, of course, since it's her workplace too.

Julie had worked there almost 20 years so I know this is a big change, but she has a lot on her plate. And this is a good time to retire for her.

Julie's Mom and Dad and her mother in law were there, as well as her daugher and grandchildren, and four of her sisters. It's good to have family that appreciates you. I like all of Julie's sisters that I've met - very nice - very fun. They invited me to join them for coffee afterwards but I had to get ready for the cooking show.

Virginia was there, too. That's her on the left.

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