Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Unknown Traumas

I've been hunched over the computer all day today. I'm getting weary of that. But, one more day and I think I'll have this project done. I have to have it done by Friday so I only have tomorrow to do it. The next few weeks are overflowing with projects and I'm worn out already. Today I was just exhausted, even though I had a lot of sleep for me.

Yesterday I had lunch with Virginia and it was really nice to visit with her. Today I lunched with Trish and - as always - it was insightful.

Tonight Greg and I had a conversation with a gentleman at a restaurant who happened to mention in passing that he had lost a child a couple of years ago. It struck me that you just never know what trauma people have suffered. You never, ever, know. It was a reminder to me to be kind to people, because you never know what they're going through or coming through.

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