Sunday, April 23, 2006

Women's Show

Today was the Fifth Annual Soroptimist's Women's Show at the fairgrounds. They are very generous in giving free space to non profits and the MHA is one of them.

There were lots of people there I knew. Kathie was at the Democratic Women's Club Booth and I also saw Leah working the RSVP booth. That's Leah on the left and Cindy on the right. Cindy is a Soroptimist, so she was very busy today.

I started at 9 this morning and ended at 4. Trish came out and gave me a break and I went and got lunch. That was wonderful to have a break in the day.

I talked to lots of people. I'm still amazed at the education we need to do about mental health issues.

I had a great spot today. Right next to me was the La Leche league and the lady working this morning had her two month old with her. She let me hold the baby for a long time, which was lovely.

Brandi is the baby's name. She was a little doll - just sleeping away. Mom positioned her so I could get a photo. She was a sweetie. And I think maybe she is used to having her photo taken. She seems to be posing, even at 2 months old.

On the other side, with just one table inbetween us, was Burdette's Birdies. Peaches was entertaining numerous people. She was a cool bird. It doesn't show up well in my photos, but she was a beautiful peach color.

Cockatoos live to be 60-70 years old and Peaches is only 8. Her owner has made arrangements for her neice to take Peaches if something happens to her.

At one point, Peaches was resting her head on her owner's shoulder and it was just adorable. She went to a number of different people today at various times. I'm not generally a big fan of birds, but I'm making an exception for Peaches.

This afternoon Terry's Tai Chi class was doing a demonstration. His teacher, Joya, is just marvelous. I've gotten to know her a little bit and really like her. Today is the first time I've seen her do Tai Chi and it was incredible - she is so graceful.

After the show, I headed home to do some things around the house. Late tonight I went out for some groceries. When I'm out of yogurt, apples or pop I have to shop. I was out of yogurt and down to one apple so it was definitely time.

I ran into Terry out there and chatted with him a while. When I got home and was bringing my groceries in, I saw something that I did NOT enjoy.

Yes, that's right, a tiny little snake. I HATE snakes. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em. And yes, I know all the reasons they're wonderful. I just want them to be wonderful somewhere other than around me. And here this one was right by my front porch. I don't like it all. Not at all... and my ankle hurts now where I got bitten by one last year. Apparently they don't like me much, either.

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