Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome to Hutchinson Kansas

I took a break this afternoon from my garden tour prep to go get some dinner with Greg. As we were driving down 61, he asked if I had noticed this. I hadn't been down this road in a while and had not.

This is right along the main highway coming into Hutchinson. We'll be hosting the US Men's Senior Open at the Prairie Dunes Golf Course July 3-9. They start arriving on Monday the 26th. Some will be coming into town this direction I'm assuming.

There are actually two trailers painted, but this is the one with the welcome message. Plus, it's situated right in front of the grain elevator. Isn't that a Kansas site?

Of course, I guess if you're really worried about your town's image, you don't situate a trailer park right along the main highway coming into town. Frankly, if you're a Kansas town, you really shouldn't have anything zoned for a trailer park. It's not a good idea in Kansas, aka Tornado Alley.

My favorite Beavis and Butthead exchange ever was when they're watching TV and it's announced a tornado is about to hit. They, of course, want to go see it. The dialogue is brilliant in its simplicity.
"Whoa... We're there Dude."
"Where," asks the always clueless Beavis.
"The Trailer Park, Dumbass."
(Yes, I did have to go look it up to get the exact wording. Fortunately, the internet provides everything from science research to this.)

Until recently, on every main road coming into town from all directions there was a billboard for a Bail Bonds place. It was sort of like saying, "hey, come to Hutchinson and commit your crimes here." But, I notice those have disappeared.

I wonder how long this will last. And I wonder if it was a response to being told to put some paint on the building or something. I don't know the story - just that it made me smile.

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