Monday, July 03, 2006

Bright Monday Morning

I love the early morning hours. I woke up about 5:15 and got up about 30 minutes later. Here before 7 I've already accomplished quite a few things, including waking up Sondra. She's ordinarily an early riser, but was sleeping in until about 6:15 when I woke her up. I never imagined she would still be asleep then. Oops. She had called yesterday asking if I wanted to go have breakfast so I was calling to see if she wanted to this morning. But, she had a full agenda today and was distressed she was still asleep. I may just head out to Dutch Kitchen in a few minutes.

I'm waiting on the Doctor's office to open so I can go visit their lab tech and get some nice little pills for this bladder infection. Thank goodness for over the counter stuff that helps the symptoms, but it won't do a thing for the real problem. I need some antibiotics for that.

I'm laughing at myself a bit this morning that I always go to the computer as soon as I come downstairs and check email. I rarely have anything in the morning. Of course not. I went to bed about 1 and am checking email about 6 - not very many people are going to written epistles in those hours. But, every day I check it first thing. I'm either very optimistic or very foolish. Lets just go with the former, shall we?

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