Friday, July 28, 2006

Creative Sisterhood on the Road

I had another tomato from the garden today, with some fresh mozzarella and basil flavored olive oil. For once I had the good sense to put the basil in the olive oil a few days ago, so it had a nice flavor today.

It was a wonderful day today - it rained off and on and it was so nice and cool today - 70s, which was such a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, I was tied to the computer most of the day so didn't get to take advantage of it much.

I did pick my first lavender flower today. I didn't take a photo of it and I gave it to Martha tonight, so I can't show it to you. But it was nice and delicate.

Our Creative Sisterhood group went to Wichita tonight, and met Martha there, to see her new office space. She is expanding her business, with an office in Wichita soon. It is WONDERFUL space. I just know they're going to be happy, productive and profitable there. Diana was kind enough to drive so we could all go together to meet Martha.

After we spent some time in the office we all walked over to Larkspur for dinner. It's right across from her new space. We had a great conversation. All around it was an amazing night.

That's Teresa in the yellow, then behind her is Virginia, Martha, me, Julie (green) and Diana in the purple.

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