Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Garden

I always think summer has officially arrived when I get my first "real" bloom on a plant - meaning it's one that grew from seed just dropped into the ground and not started inside first. And, I didn't just buy the plant already blooming and stick it in for "instant garden."

I noticed on Friday, June 30, that my first morning glory bloom was there, but not open. I got out on Sunday to get a photo of it, and I also discovered a calla lily blooming in the back, which was a surprise. I have planted tons of calla lily bulbs and they're coming up but I hadn't even noticed a bud. This is one of the new colors they released this year.

Other things are starting really fill in too. Greg gave me this shamrock he bought for a photo around St. Patrick's day. I thought it was dead because it dried out while I was gone on a trip. But, I just went ahead and put it in the ground and it has perked up and even grown some. I like the look of lots of things growing into one another.

I also have some "instant garden" plants.

And I adore plants that just come back on their own. I had three coneflowers last year but I think I pulled out the others thinking they were weeds. I was so happy to see this one. I'm hoping to spread more of its seed later this year so I get more of them.

The morning glories have grown up to the roof and are doing well. I love the look of viney things. I will try to take some photos of the overall and share soon.

I'm thinking about putting in a little wildflower garden in back. I want things that just take care of themselves - reseeding each year - and not needing lots of TLC.

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