Friday, July 07, 2006


I spent the workday focused on the newsletter. I did get to have lunch with Teresa, which was fun.

Tonight I've been working on the kitchen more. I have reorganized all the lower cabinets and started on the upper ones tonight. Basically, I've made a huge mess. But, I needed to wipe down all the cabinets and throw out expired items and just get it reorganized.

I'll be doing another Victorian Tea on August 26 so I want everything tidy before I start that. It goes so much quicker if I'm organized to start with. I've been thinking a little about the menu but haven't made the final decisions yet.

I did fix myself some real dinner tonight - eggplant parmesan. The eggplants looked really good at the store the other night so I bought one. I'll be eager when the farmer's market has more to offer - it's a little early in the season yet. But, the eggplant was good and I've got enough left over for tomorrow too. It's one of those things that is rarely good when you order it anywhere - always mushy.

I've been working on more computer things. I just never seem to have time to get them all done. I have also been messing with the PDA. I downloaded some etext books to have with me whenever I'm stuck somewhere with nothing to do. But, there's a bug of some sort in the T5 that won't recognize the internal memory card so I have to figure that out. I have a feeling it's more likely a bug with the software and not a hardware problem. There's probably a work around. I've found the software designed for PDAs in general be rather lacking.

I talked to Greg briefly. He and his girlfriend, Mia, were eating at a cool diner place. We had a bad connection so I didn't get all the details, but it sounds like they were having fun.

Well, I should go on upstairs. I have some things I want to do up there before I go to bed and it's already close to 2 and I need to get up early in the morning. There's never enough time for me to get everything done or sleep... how can that be?

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