Monday, July 10, 2006

Yet More Cleaning

Well, here is some of my handiwork from the last few days. I have taken everything out of all but one cabinet in my kitchen, cleaned the cabinets and rearranged the items. I will get to the last one in the next couple of days. Then I'll be ready to move into another room I think.

I had a lot of stuff in the kitchen that I had never really organized since I moved - some of my things and some of my mom's things. So, I'm on my third dishwasher full of things, I have a mound of things ready to do to Salvation Army, and I've about half filled my dumpster.

I have been to Walmart the last two days to get various organizing widgets. Of course, as is so often the case, what has been the most useful was not intended for such purposes - sweater boxes. I'm using them to containerize things like powdered sugar and chocolate chips and such. Those are things I always like to have around en masse because I like to bake.

I have moved my can goods across the room, in a less convenient cabinet, and made the things close to the stove the baking things because that's what I really like to do. I've also dedicated a drawer to my pie baking materials - rolling pins and rolling mat, as well as the silpats. Since I cleaned out the cabinet that holds the pans, I have all my pie plates organized now. I could start making pie at any moment - but I'll have to take it somewhere because I can't eat that much pie.

Last week when I took the car in to get some work done I took the guys some brownies I had baked. They were very appreciative. I suppose I could take them pie. That's the only downside of not having coworkers that I've found - no where to take baked goods. But it's a small trade off.

I ate two little cherry tomatoes out of the garden tonight - my first ones of the season. I ate them while they were still warm from the sun - my favorite way. I'm a complete germ-phobe but will eat tomatoes right out of the garden with just a swipe on the bottom of my t-shirt. Go figure.

It's raining here now, so my plants will enjoy a nice drink of water. It's a good, gentle rain, too - not a pelting.

Well, I want to go start the dishwasher one more time before I head upstairs to bed. I think I just have one more load of dishes tomorrow and then everything in the kitchen will have been sanitized. That was one of the things I insisted on in the new dishwasher - a sanitizing cycle - it adds a couple of hours to the run time on the dishwasher but it's worth it.

I have poured bleach all over the kitchen counter between the stove and sink. I will let that sit all night and wipe it up in the morning. I also have the washing machine full of dish towels and cloths that have been bleached heavily. Hopefully any little buggers either place are dead, dead, dead. Tomorrow morning before work I'll wipe that up and bleach the other counter top so it can sit all day.

Well, time for bed. My workday starts in only about 5 hours. Even I need some sleep.

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