Thursday, August 31, 2006

Archaic Mail

I bought an airline ticket today, using a travel voucher I got last year as a result of the hell trip home from Puerto Rico. I haven't used a travel voucher in awhile and never on this particular airline. There were some surprises.

First, I couldn't just use the voucher online. I could make the reservation and hold it on the website, but then I had to call to make payment arrangements.

Second, after all that was done, the final step is for me to MAIL the travel voucher. It seemed so archaic to be physically mailing someone a piece of paper when I can choose my flights and seats online, and even pay online with a credit card. But I can't pay with their own internally generated payment system. Very odd.

Oh well, it's fixed up and ready to go. It was just a moment of oddness when they told me to mail it to them. I mail many things because I still write letters, but I just never think of business involving the mail anymore. Interesting how our viewpoints change.

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