Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cukes and Callas

Today I picked the tomatoes to share with Debbie and Sondra.

While I'm out there I'm looking at the cucumber plant that is just wild and growing everywhere. I think... hmmm... I know it's been a long time since I grew anything but I should have something other than tiny cucumbers by now. So, I look around and sure enough, there are a couple that are close to being ready. Then I find two that are much bigger. I pull them and cut one and they're not bitter, but not ideal, either.

Tonight I go out when it's cooler and look at the plant some more thinking maybe I'll find another one that's actually the correct size and I can eat it for dinner. Well, I do find one. I also find NINE others that are huge. I mean more than a foot long and bigger around than my forearm - huge. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I need a sign that says, "Ask me about my Ginormous Cucumbers."

This is one heck of a plant - it's been producing blooms constantly, while growing these monsters even bigger. You'd think I wouldn't even admit this, much less provide the photographic evidence of my neglect. But, of course, here it is on the world wide web.

On the very positive side, I have new blooms - two absolutely perfect calla lillies - the best ones so far. They're a beautiful white with the palest of pink touches... just gorgeous.

I also have two glads that are starting to bloom. I've got to figure out a way to be better about the grass next year - it just wants to take over everything.

This fall I'm going to use the organic method of putting down lots of newspaper and killing off the grass - then hopefully I will have an easier time of it next year.

It has cooled off a bit here this afternoon so I could actually be outdoors for a little while. I went to Roy's for lunch today and they had the weather channel on. It was showing it was 89 in Concordia and I thought, "geez, this is sick, I'm jealous if 89 degrees there - that's almost 90 - and I'm jealous." The heat does things to our brains is my only explanation.

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