Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Lazy Sunday

I again spent many hours in bed last night. But, I'm feeling more perky tonight, thank goodness. It's unlike me to not be very productive on the weekends, but that was certainly the case this weekend. I haven't even been out of the house today except to hang out clothes.

I did make some more tomato basil soup. For the first time I think I could actually use more basil than the two plants I have in. Next year I'll be more organized about gardening and plan better. Picking the tomatoes is a challenge because I didn't stake them so they're sprawled everywhere. And that one cucumber plant wants to take over the world. I have to keep fighting it. My lavendar is doing well. I'll plant more of that next year. I also have buds on some of my gladiolus. I can't wait for those to bloom.

I've been organizing a bit in the house today. I have to figure out how to deal with the clothes that are overtaking my bedroom. I keep taking clean clothes up and piling them in there and not dealing with them. I'm not sure how I can think I have no clothes to wear when my entire bedroom is full of clothes. I think, more accurately that I don't have a good system for dealing with clothes. I've got to figure this out because I just don't like my bedroom not being completely clear and restful.

I think I'm going to move my bed to the other side of the room, with the headboard up against the window. I'm not sure I'll like it but I think I'm going to try it. Moving my bed is a process because it's an antique and requires dismantling it. But, I need to do some repair work on the footboard anyway, so it's a good time to do everything at once. If I don't like it there I can always move it again.

I have too much furniture in there at the moment. Austin is coming tomorrow to put together shelves for the library so I'm hoping that I can get some movement on getting the puzzle pieces put together upstairs. It has languished for far too long.

I've also been working on my office downstairs. I have cleared out some things in here and have yet more to do. There are so many things in here. I am going to rearrange this room too. I know part of what I need are a lot of shelves in here. Lots of shelves.

I'm tired of things always being in disarray in my world. So, I'm trying to slowly make progress toward addressing that. Number one seems to be throwing things out. I've kept things for years that I "might want" one day. If I haven't wanted them in a decade, I'm probably not going to. I'm beginning to accept that, which seems healthy. I have hauled so much stuff out of my house, and yet it's still full - seems hard to believe that could be the case, but it is.

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