Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Water, Water, Water

I'm watching yet another program about global warming and how it's going to cause a dramatic rise in sea level, while at the same time dramatically diminishing the fresh water supply. That, of course, will mean a lack of food.

We have known about this for a very long time. We remain unwilling to give up our gas guzzling vehicles, to not water our lawns or even to use compact flourescent blubs on a large scale. We continue to forge ahead as if there is no problem. We give a lot of lip service to "our children and grandchildren" but we don't change our ways.

I have officially given up trying to affect this, on anything other than a personal level. I'm just thankful I did not bring any children into the world. And I certainly do not intend to.

Ultimately, the Earth will survive in some fashion, and life will survive in some fashion, it simply may not be human life. So be it.

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