Sunday, September 10, 2006


Tomorrow is the five year anniversary of 9/11 and the "remembrances" just won't stop. I use "remembrances" as a kind adjective because it often feels more like "celebrations" to me when I see FDNY shirts and hats as fashion statements. However, I'm sure those who have a personal connection with the tragedy do not feel it's a celebration at all. Regardless, I've had all I can take and we're not even to the day yet.

It was a horrible thing, but far more people have died in the wars we've started since then than died that day. Why don't we grieve for those civilians? Oh yeah, they're not Americans, so their lives don't matter. I keep forgetting that.

I don't dispute that 9-11 was a terrible thing and changed how we view the world, but lets move past it. Some of the widows are remarried and have children with their new husbands, which means they've been remarried for awhile now. In five years they have grieved, dated, married and had a baby. They've moved on. People should be allowed to move on. Please, let them move on. Let us all move on.

I saw a Colonel on CBS Sunday morning who was at the Pentagon and almost died that day. He was saying he is not going to any of the events tomorrow that he just wants to move forward. Surely he is speaking what many of us are thinking. Please, let us move on. We have plenty of reminders every time we try to fly anywhere and they want to take our toothpaste away from us.

My biggest beef with airport "security" is that it's reactionary and all happenstance. No one cared about my toothpaste until a terrorist decided that would be a good way to make a bomb on board. No one cared about my shoes until someone tried to use their shoe to take a weapon on board. Is this a smart, well thought out plan? No, it's completely reactionary and that means it's useless. Either check everyone for everything or don't bother. And put a little thought into what people might do, as opposed to just reacting to the last thing someone did.

It gives the impression that terrorists are far smarter than the people who are supposed to be protecting us from them. We have thousands of people who are supposed to be protecting us and they don't come up with these ideas like putting a weapon in a shoe heel?

We are fast approaching the same number of American soldiers killed in the Iraqi war as were killed on 9-11. And that's not counting soldiers of other nations and civilians. Does that make it "right," somehow? That 2600 plus men and women, many of them very young, who signed up to serve their country were shipped out in a doomed war? Is it somehow good that those deaths in the attacks have been doubled by our choice? And, it was a choice. A choice made by the government. And the government was a choice made by the people. Not a choice I ever supported, but a choice nonetheless.

Don't email me and tell me how it's not your fault because you didn't vote. If you didn't vote, you voted for the winner - whoever that was. So, you voted for Bush. You voted for war. You voted for death - death of soldiers, death of civilians, death of people in flooded New Orleans streets - death. This is what you created with your vote, whether you went to the voting booth to cast it or not. This is what you get when you vote for someone who has no compassion - sending other people's children to die in war, Katrina victims dying on their rooftops while the President is on vacation, and constant lies to justify it all - from "we didn't know people were at the Convention Center" to "there are weapons of mass destruction."

To Bush's credit, he never lied about being a compassionate person. You wanted him anyway. Please, remember, this is what you get when you put someone without compassion into office - lots of people dying - many of them 19 year olds who signed on for the military to do something good, believing they were invincible as most 19 year olds do. I've heard the word "victim" way too many times in the last five years while we've been busy creating another generation of potential terrorists who hate Americans.

Just Friday, the Senate intelligence committee, Republican controlled by the way, reported that there was never a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. We're all acting like this is a big news flash when it was obvious that was the case from the get go. Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq and just did. He knew he couldn't get congress to agree to it on his personal vendetta agenda so he lied.

Why is it that lying about having sex with an intern where no one died is grounds for impeachment, but lying about weapons of mass destruction and killing thousands of people in the process is acceptable? I will take responsiblity for my votes - I voted for Clinton twice and I wish I could vote for him again. So, it's my fault that our president was getting head in the oval office. But, I wash my hands of the war and destruction the Bush administration has wrought on the world. I had no part of that. I don't hold anyone in congress responsible for voting to go to war, since they were lied to as well. But, those who blindly support the Bush administration's policies - they need to go.

Lets not be selective in who we remember that died as a result of 9-11. Lets not forget the first casualty in the Iraqi war - a woman and her child, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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