Friday, September 08, 2006

Democrats Have the Advantage

The news is filled with stories about how the democrats have the advantage on pretty much every issue. The war in Iraq continues to lose popularity. The president's approval rating is low.

Well, hallelujah, finally, some sense...

But what I really want is for people to get the big picture - not just vote for a change because it's a change. Vote for the best person, not just someone different. Admittedly, at the moment we just have to vote for change - obviously. But in the long term, try to remember what a huge mess we're in and how we got here.

We got here by putting people into office who have no compassion and never pretended to have compassion. People who don't have compassion tell lies to send other people's children into war. People who don't have compassion do nothing to raise the minimum wage to help the ordinary guy put gas in his car. People who have no compassion let people die in the flooded streets. Remember that when you're voting. Vote for people who are compassionate so we can have a country that has compassion. If you want to vote for Christian candidates, let compassion be your guide. Isn't that the mark of a true Christian - how they treat people?

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